Project Description

In addition to their online presence, Schokolat are involved in the lucrative Christmas Markets season. Whilst these provide an excellent sales opportunity, it can be difficult to monitor daily sales figures, especially if cash and tills are involved.

We were asked if there was a more accurate way of collating the results, so we developed a barcode reading app. Staff log in to the scanner, which then asks them their location. Items are scanned at the point of sale, and data goes to a main system that shows the daily takings, overall sales, inventory and other relevant figures. From these, four reports a day are generated, with an overall view of takings to target, revenue and the amount of units sold. The report summary gives a detailed breakdown of what’s going on at the market stall – concise, up-to-the-minute and correct. To ensure the utmost accuracy, the cycle can be refreshed every second if need be. What’s more, other parameters can be aded to the report – for instance, you may want to see profit margins, or percentages, etc. The app can tailor it accordingly to a client’s specification.

This innovative system can work on any item with a barcode, making it truly revolutionary. And other features can be built in to this portable, hi-tech solution. No more tills, no more bits of paper and no more discrepancies with cashing up at the end of the trading day, just a real-time, bird’s eye view of the business as it happens.

Other scenarios where this app would be invaluable include trade shows, conferences and anywhere you need to monitor remote transactions via a barcode.


Project Details

  • Client

    Schokolat Sales System

  • Skills

    • Design
    • HTML
    • Xcode
    • iOS
    • Android