food delivery mobi

We’ve been hard at work on our brand new food ordering feature! It’s now available in native code with a Orange upgrade, or just a quick click away with the newly updated HTML5 version.

With new service and availability settings, payment options, repeat orders, tip features and more, we think you’ll really enjoy this large release. We listened to industry experts and client feedback, then used some clever wizardry to bring a flexible and customisable feature that suits the unique needs of our many clients. With added functionality and less setup required, we recommend you check out the new version ASAP!

To give a quick overview of what’s included:

  • New category images
  • Selectable category views
  • Optional tip feature
  • Delivery minimums
  • Delivery radius based off GPS address
  • Delivery fee
  • Free Delivery amount
  • Displays up to 10 past orders
  • Store favorite delivery addresses for fast ordering
  • Two location search views
  • Item location and availability options (think ‘breakfast menu’)
  • Supports CC processing as well as PayPal
  • Reworked Review Orders page

To find out more, or to see a demo please get in touch.

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