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About A Perfect Pocket

A Perfect Pocket (APP) designs and develops apps for both iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) and Android devices. We specialise in developing professional apps for a wide range of business sectors including restaurants, financial, insurance, travel, education, sport, building, motor industry, housing, legal and non-profit sectors.


We build your ROI strategy around your smartphone app idea, which allows us to pave the way to a successful campaign with maximum user engagement.


Our mobile application design prototype establishes a design foundation that provides our development team with a practical direction.


Our mobile application developers write stable programming code that enables a reliable performance, and our quailty ensures a bug-free experience.


We deliver a complete mobile application development solution with launch support and promotion that helps your app reach thousands of customers.

What we do

We design our apps to engage with your customers and generate more revenue for your business. We understand that many businesses are now realising the potential of an app and the benefits for their business, but do not want the high development costs demanded by a lot of the software companies out there. Costs and attention to detail are two of the main differences between us and other app development companies. We have lost count of the number of people contacting us and expressing surprise because we can answer their questions and give immediate outline costs.


We are pleased to say that we now have apps avaiable in over 70% of the categories in both Apple iTunes and Google Play Market.


At A Perfect Pocket we can design and build you a website to suit your needs and requirments. This could be a site that you would like to update yourself, with a CRM portal or a more complex site. Our ‘in-house’ coders are able to meet your every need, they have skills in all types of code, and will keep you informed every step of the way.


Having the ability to look after your design in-house is a huge advantage! With our very own photography and video studio, we are able to add or amend to projects quickly.


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Our system experts are just that ‘Experts’, we have written digital systems for many companies that allows them to streamline, saving them time and money. They are allow a great way to get information to particular places quickly and efficently, plus they make you greener, less carbon footprint!


If it is a Worpress website that you are looking for, we can help here. Our team will work with you everystep of the way to deliver exactly what you would like.

Some of our stats

Which we are really proud of!

App Downloads

Approval Rate %

Facebook Likes

Twitter Followers

Smartphone Usage

Customer Loyalty

Apps vs Web

Push Notifications

86% of smartphone time in 2014 was spent inside apps, up from 80% in 2013.

[Source: Flurry Analytics]

59% of people would be more likely to join a loyalty program that offered a smartphone app.

[Source: Technology Advice]

85% of smartphone users are more comfortable with apps than mobile websites.

[Source: Dynatrace]

70% of consumers found all types of push notifications to be valuable.

[Source: Responsys]

Our Portfolio

Some of our customers, who we are proud to have worked with.

Features With Our Mobile Apps

Some of the standard features we offer with all our iOS & Android Apps

Push Notifications

Keep in regular contact with your subscribers at no extra cost to yourselves. Push notifications to your app subscribers are free and, importantly, will be read by them because they have opted in to them.

Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing is a powerful push notification feature that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine when an app subscriber enters an area specified in the 'fence'



You can view your app analytics from with in your portal. You can monitor downloads, tabs, viewed and areas that users find most interesting.


GPS can not only pinpoint an exact location but can guide the subscriber from wherever they are to your door. Who needs a satnav?

What Clients Say



Our development team is very experienced in the industry and thrives on new challenges – above all they “think outside the box” with your business the main focus, so you can always be assured that your app will stand out from your competitors. We can also provide websites to have the same design and look as your app or vice versa. Our experience, with multiple business sectors allows us to call upon the expertise we have gained in one business sector to offer benefits to another.

We are able to deliver quickly professionally produced, creative and rewarding to use apps across all major platforms.

mini-phoneFor anyone considering investing in an app, the look and feel of it is crucial to getting peoples’ interest and wanting to download it. This is where A Perfect Pocket (APP) outshines the competition.

We create and design everything in-house – no sending it off elsewhere and waiting for it to be turned around like so many of our competitors. We can even sit alongside you whilst undertaking the design process. You may well have your own design ideas, or existing branding, but if not we will come up with creative design ideas that have pleased so many of our clients.

featured-appdev  Relationships, not projects.

Since forming in 2012, we have retained 95% of our customers.

They tell us it is because we are cost effective and consistently deliver.

We are passionate about what we do and believe customer service and attention to detail is just as important.

SupportFast support response times.

Our support is mega-quick. On average, project issues are investigated and responded to within 20 minutes. Monitoring allows us to fix issues before you even know about them.

It is important to us that your mobile solutions are behaving to there peak at all times, as we know how vital these are to your business.

Please Contact: support@aperfectpocket.co.uk

Database Integration

We are database experts – we can develop or connect to your existing system or website to display data. People would not often associate databases with an app but they would be wrong.

Database integration in an app can have huge benefits for a business – allowing data collection on their clients key preferences and details which can be used to target offers and information that the subscriber will find useful. As much information that you can build up about your clients or customers will only benefit your business and provide greater marketing opportunities.

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Current Projects

Some of the projects we are currently working on.

Our Skills

Some of our skills

Android App Development 96%
iOS (Apple) App Develpopment 98%
HTML&CSS App Development 92%
Websites 90%
Systems 95%
Customer Service 100%

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